Seo In London Analyses Competition

Seo In London To Analyse The Competition

Seo in London is the perfect choice for choosing Seo Services for local businesses. We provide clients with top marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, product exposure, and high quality traffic by analysing the competitions success in the marketplace.

 Analysing The Competition

Trying to rank well in the search engines, whether having a business or a personal website, is getting more difficult by the day considering the massive amount of listings on the web. So instead of having to reinvent the wheel, it’s much easier to focus on  measuring the success of the local competition and duplicating it.

When looking at the competitor’s data, a clear understanding of category, services, and online presence of that specific business’ website is revealed. Such relevant information is imperative in formulating a plan to out-rank an opponent.

Seo In London UK  provides a comprehensive analyses of the competition as part of its optimization services, where certain elements of a competitor’s website are examined in order to identify what factors are determining their rank position.

Identifying the competition is the first step to be done before any direction can be made for ranking your website. This can be done manually via search by plugging in the top keyword for your business, then make a list of the top ten sites. You can expedite this process by use of specific software as well.

There are a number of tools (software) one can attain to help understand the competition inside the online marketplace. Finding them is as simple as a doing a basic Google search.

Here are the top tools for analysing a competitor’s website:

  • SEOmoz
  • Hubspot
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Traffic Travis
  • Market Samurai


  • RavenTools
  • SEO Power Suite
  • SEMrush
  • Web CEO Online


Many of these tools are not cheap and require monthly memberships. In addition, they often require decent knowledge of internet marketing and its vernacular. Our team are willing to provide your local business with this competitive analysis through our professional services.

Important things to consider when analysing a competitor’s website is PR (Page Rank), Domain Age, Quality of Backlinks, On Page SEO, Interlinking Structure, and Social Media Presence.

Page Rank (PR)

Page Rank is a web based score in which Google applied to each site to determine its online authority ranking for its niche. The higher the page rank the better your site will rank online. Since getting a high PR rating takes quite a bit of time to attain, trying to outrank sites holding a high PR is a very difficult task.

Domain Age

The age of a domain plays an important role in how fast a site can gain positive rankings among search engines. For this reason, many companies offering SeoServiceswill advise, if applicable, to use an aged domain name. Benefits of doing so can gain immediate search penetration within niche by already having a certain amount of visitors per month and possibly a still well functioning linking structure.

Quality of Backlinks

Backlinks are specific links from other websites linking back to your website. Having quality backlinks are probably one of the Most Important factors in ranking well for keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  A high number of quality backlinks tells the search engines that a site must be an authority on a certain keyword topic, because all of these other websites (which are already an authority) are linking back to it. Identifying this feature within the competition is just one of the proven tactics we use to help rank a local business’ website.

On Page Seo

On site seo is another important factor to mimic from a rival business’ website. Features  are Keyword Density, Internal and External linking structures, Heading attributes (are H1-H2-H3 etc.. using key word terms?), and Anchor Text being used in links. Our seo services will identify the relevant features of the competition and formulate a plan to duplicate this success within your business.

Social Media Presence

Another significant role in driving traffic to a website, social networking is a powerful, yet complex element to analyse from a competitor’s website. Utilizing the social power of social sites like Google+,Linkedin,Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr (to name a few) to access local traffic directly is a powerful tool. Knowing the level of penetration a competitor has in social media will offer direction in creating social campaigns.

PPC Strategy

PPC or Pay Per Click is simply getting traffic to a website by paying a specific fee per click to a company that drives traffic to your link. Identifying what keywords and ad styles the competition is using in their PPC campaigns can offer incredible insight for creating successful campaigns within your business.

Seo In London Eliminates The Labor Involved In Analysing The Competition

Trying to identify the many different elements of the competition is no easy task. Also, attempting to constantly monitor the competition is a never ending endeavor. Allow a professional service to take care of all the technical mumbo-jumbo so the focus can remain on managing your business. Our local optimization services offered through Seo In London UK give your London based business or organisation the competitive marketing edge.

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