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 Tips For Optimized Content

Its important to know the relevance of writing seo optimized content for a page or post on a site. Certain elements are required to make an article ‘seo optimized,’ and once they are implemented a site will start beginning  to earn traffic from the search engines.

The content of articles may be written in-house or from an outsourced company, but it must be unique, relevant, and Search Engine Optimized in a way to retain the readers attention.This is important for the readers interest and is also accredited by the Google algo. as it approves what is termed a low “bounce rate”.  Part of having an handle on this optimization writing method will aid in the quicker ranking of a  local businesses for a specific niche.


The Format For Seo Optimized Content Writing

Our Seo services guys and gals who are our  professional content creators will fully optimize pages and posts on a website, completely uniquely. When creating content on a site, there are several factors applied to define or rather characterize an article as being Seo Optimized Content.

  • Article’s content must be relevant or specific to a particular topic or set of keywords. Falling off subject will lead to relevance issues and rankings will fall.
  • Keyword(s) should appear 1.5 – 3.5 percent  for entire article. Keyword should appear in first sentence and in the last sentence of a page or post.
  • Articles should have mixed media applied (e.g YouTube Videos, images, photo’s…)
  • Articles should have both internal and external linking (Note: Outbound links should be ‘nofollow if they are affiliate or product links; excluding external links to authority blogs within specified niches.
  • Article images should have relevant titles with keyword and keyword placement inside the image Alt Tags.
  • H1, H2, and H3 tags should be used with keyword or phrase inside of each.

This type of focus and creativity is an aspect that’s applied to all content created about your business/organization.

There are also important factors like referencing (outbound links) sites like Wikipedia, About, Yahoo Answers, or Ezinearticles.

Its important to continually review and test your approach to writing  optimized content so as to ensure all is well and updated helping to ensure your business ranks well on the search engines. The true importance in taking this approach is in the resulting quality traffic levels.

Seo Optimized Content Equals Quality Traffic

Here at Seo In London UK we target quality traffic to your business, without the hassle of you having to worry about creating Seo Optimized Content. Ever wonder how search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank your sites?

They all use a specifically designed algorithym that provides a complex analysis of a each person’s search query. Sites with well optimized content will rank above other non-optimized websites, ceteris paribus, period. This is one of the most important things to consider in all online marketing endeavors.

Our services take away the need of having to worry about interlinking different pages in your site to increase authoritative value or integrating social media functions like images and videos and optimizing them for maximum results.

While you could easily learn your own format to applying the above mentioned tips on building sustainable, quality traffic, why struggle to complete a task when Seo In London UK can do it for you.


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